Past HSC Papers with Worked Solutions: 2014 editions

HSC books

• Biology • Chemistry • Physics: 2001-2013 – rrp $39.95, 2008-2013 – rrp $27.95

• Earth & Environmental Science: 2001-2011 – rrp $39, 2009-2011 – rrp $23

• Senior Science: 2001-2012 – rrp $39, 2007-2012 – rrp $27

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These books contain:

  • a Past HSC Questions by Topic Guide for all the HSC papers in each book – allowing students to revise topic by topic if they prefer, or use whole exam papers
  • complete past HSC papers, with all option questions and all diagrams, graphs, photos, etc
  • worked answers to all questions (core and options) that would score full marks and are of an appropriate length, given the marks for the question and time constraints.
  • full explanations of multiple choice answers
  • blank answer spaces for questions, including sample answer sheets for multiple choice questions
  • a Periodic table and Data Sheet (Physics/Chemistry), Formulae Sheet (physics) and Geological Time Scale (Earth & Environmental Science)


  • a guide on How to Achieve Success in the HSC, which features essential exam techniques and study methods to effectively maximise marks in the HSC
  • a glossary of examination terms
  • a list of skills required for investigations

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